For Partners

Procurement activities of the Company

    The main objective of the procurement activities of the Company is the timely provision of the Company's needs with goods, works and services with the necessary level of security and the optimal combination of price-quality criteria, based on a competitive and fair selection of suppliers and contractors and the most favorable conditions for the Company.

    The company is interested in building sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships with all interested parties based on compliance with laws and regulations, industry standards, contractual and other obligations.

    As part of its procurement activities, the Company prefers suppliers and contractors who share the following principles of business practice:

    • Information transparency for attracting and developing the maximum number of potential suppliers and contractors. Ensuring a high level of competition;
    • Compliance with legislation and ethical standards, conducting procurement activities on the basis of integrity, fairness and honesty in relations with all interested parties, compliance with occupational health and safety standards, environmental protection, quality and other standards adopted by the Company;
    • Adherence to the policy of improving management processes based on ISO 22000 standards in the field of quality management.